Times when cottages used to be small poor-looking buildings in which one could hide from the rain, take a break after working in the garden or to keep the implement at winter have been left inthe past long time ago. Now it is desired to have contemporary houses in the garden which would not only be pleasant for an eye but would also provide an opportunity to live comfortably. It is so amazing to go out from a dusty city to Your own site on a day off, where You can breathe fresh air and take a look how Your own planted plants are growing. A trip there sometimes can take a while, so coming back to sleep at home is not always the most comfortable choice. It is obvious that a house needs to be built, but if there is a lack of time and possibilities and a roof above the head is needed, the best choice in such a situation is a cottage. It‘s no wonder that cottages become more and more popular. It is a really universal decision for those, who don‘t need a big country-house, find it not attractive or just cannot afford it. Cottages are ideal for those who cannot leave the city too often or for longer period of time. If You have a cottage, You won‘t be limited just by the spring-summer periods – You‘ll be able not only to spend summer holidays there but, for example, to celebrate New Year as well. Besides, cottages are very economical. A decision to obtain a cottage became a salvation for thousands of lovers of gardening, who like to grow something by their own hands. In any season the construction protects its habitants from snow or rain, provides an ability to keep such items like buckets and shovels there, also lets to sleep comfortably for owners and for a small group of their guests. If there is a wish, it‘s possible to install electricity, to install sleeping berths, to put kitchen furniture and in this way there is rather possible that You will refuse an idea of building a big house. By the way, cottage can also be used as a temporary place for living while the main house is being built on the site.