About ABO


ABO house creates and produces wooden construction buildings. Our production mainly consists of: cottages, summerhouses, arbours, garages, bathhouses.

Why is it worth choosing ABO house buildings?

ABO house properly prepares the material of which high quality timber houses, cottages, bathhouses, arbours, terraces, wooden garages, wooden car sheds and other buildings are produced. Our production is made of tough conifer wood, which is taken from North regions. Our structures are produced using new technologies, which allow to guarantee products of high quality. Cottages, small wooden bathhouses are produced in such a way that it would be simple to build without specific knowledge.

Our high-level technologies allow to choose from a wide assortment of wall thikness: from 28 mm to 240 mm. Windows and doors are assembled manually in order to avoid technical spoilage. They are made of qualitative hardware using glass and glass unit and in this way reliability is guaranteed.

The capacities of manufacturing lines allow to produce Your desirable construction within the shortest period of time. The production and delivery time frame of a timber house, cottage, bathhouse, arbour, terrace, wooden garage, wooden car shed varies from few till up to 20 days. It depends on the amount of orders that we have at that moment and on the complexity of the particular project. The cottages are delivered in compact packagings, so in this way You will avoid additional difficulties as much less space will be needed for unloading.

ABO house executes clear price-formation policy. The constructions which are in our catalogue are priced. Every consctruction has its own standartized description and price.

Experienced projectors work in ABO house team, so our standards conform the principles of ergonomics. Unlike our competitors we are not tend to decrease the proportions of the constructions in order to economize at the expense of clients. We design the constructions that are comfortable to use.

ABO is a brand of a qualitative product. We take into consideration the prevailing tendencies of the constructions of such type and create new and comfortable products every day.

ABO projectors not only suggest their own timber houses, cottages, bathhouses, arbours, terraces, wooden garages, wooden car sheds and other constructions, but also helps to implement Your ideas – You just need to contact us.