Garage serves as a place where the favorite car is kept and where every car owner feels like home, in absolutely personal space. But before buying a car it is rarely given thought to necessity of building a garage. Garage can be used not only for keeping a car, but for other purposes as well. It will not stay empty for sure – it can be used as a storeroom, workshop etc. – there are plenty of choices. Usually wooden garages were built when there was a lack of resources to build a concrete or brick garage. But now, as new technologies of timber processing have appeared, the situation has changed. Nowadays a log can be processed with special chemical materials which change main timber‘s physical and chemical qualities to the better side. Now the influence of increased moisture or fire makes no threat to the timber. So, if You decided to build a wooden garage, You ought to choose Your desirable project. After overall dimensions and the type of the roof are specified, the mass of the prospective building needs to be clarified – so that the proper foundation would be prepared. It‘s best to choose a strip foundation. Sufficient attention to the gate should be paid – they must be qualitative, 2,5 m wide and 1,8-2 m high. Along with that, one should take care of installing a good lock in order to prevent a car theft. It is desirable that there was a handbasin inside the garage so that dirty hands could be washed, and it is useful to make sufficient quantity of shelves along the walls so that there is some room to keep instruments and parts. It is good to have an inspection pit, because that might help to save some money in the future – if minor repair is needed, there would be no urgency to go to the service center. It is important that the level of groundwater wouldn‘t be high in the area where the inspection pit is dug – the possibility of the corrosion of the car due to vapour will be significantly smaller. It is also important that the inspection pit would be covered and it‘s better to keep the car away from it. No matter that a wooden garage may look modest in comparison with brick-built one, frame and timbered garages have their own advantages, the main of which is that such type of constructions are cheaper and if processed properly, they are durable. So it can be said that contemporary wooden garages not only are‘t inferior than the ones built of other materials, but they stand out for their uniqueness.

Garage ABO 05


Garage ABO 05

Details techniques

  • Area 32,48
  • Width 580 cm
  • Depth: 600 cm
  • Height 305 cm
  • Wall Thickness 44mm / 70mm
  • Doors 3
  • Windows 2
  • Floor Boards 28 mm Nordic spruce with groove
  • Roof Boards 19 mm