Summer is a great season. The sense of evening smell of grass and light breeze alone give the joy of life. Escaping from heat and bustle of the city one often goes to the summerhouse. It‘s so pleasant to invite some friends in the nature and arrange a festive evening and after that to find a place to stay alone in the arbour and socialize with someone while drinking some hot tea and watching the sunset. If You look at Your fine house and well-organized theritory around it and suddenly realize that something might be missing, it means that the time has come to supplement the environment with an arbour. Garden arbours have a wonderful feature – they reshape everything around. Any garden with an arbour becomes more gorgeous and more attractive. Arbour is almost always the favorite place of relaxation in the site. To receive guests, drink some tea after bathhouse or hard day of work, lead long and interesting conversations – it‘s far not a full list of things for implementation of which an arbour could be of service. Plenty of types of this construction exist – wooden, plastic, metal, stone, uncovered, covered or even heated. External appearance and form of an arbour can be also various: from square to round or form of rhombus, pentahedral, hexagonal, octagonal or irregularly shaped. If the measurement of the arbour is big enough, there is a possibility to put a barbecue inside, to build it up with various plants in the vases. The environment around the arbour can be planted with favorite plants, and inside the arbour some specially designed integrated furniture can be placed. In summer arbour can be perfectly used as an outdoor kitchen. The arbour should be placed in such a place that it would become the place of relaxation in which time could be spent in any weather conditions. It should be sufficiently protected from piercing wind, as well as from burning rays of the sun. When building the arbour, there should be some attention paid for the possibility to view some nice landscape from the arbo

Gazebo ABO 01


Gazebo ABO 01

Details techniques

  • Area 9
  • Width 300 cm
  • Depth: 300 cm
  • Height 320 cm
  • Floor Boards 32 mm
  • Roof Boards 19 mm pine tongue and groove